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    We had an opportunity to review an early release of this terrific book. And Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies recently had an opportunity to interview the author. If you enjoy this, we suggest you share it internally with your sales and marketing leadership team.


    Recently I had a chance to read The Truth About Leads, [more...]

    8 Steps to Reach Your Sales Goals - by Kendra Lee

    By Kendra Lee, President, KLA Group

    We thank Kendra for this great article. Her contact info is below and the permalink for her original post is here.

    Early in a new year is a great opportunity to examine your successes from the previous year, determine what you want to replicate, what you want to change and [more...]

    Secrets of Top Sellers

    What separates top sellers from average sellers?

    Great post by Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies. The permalink for Jill’s original post is here.


    Selling is tough! There’s no doubt about it. Customers demand more at the same time their loyalty is plummeting. Cutthroat competitors seem willing to practically give things away just to get the [more...]

    5 Ways to Kill Rapport Fast

    Great post by Erica Stitch over at the RainToday blog. The permalink to the original post is here.


    There’s no doubt that building a strong relationship and making a connection with a buyer is essential to winning new business. After all, when selling services people do business with people they like.

    But building rapport is not as easy [more...]

    How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

    We thank Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies for this great post. It’s illustrates the remarkable power of trigger events and the importance of tools to help sales take advantage of trigger events.

    All of Jill’s contact info is at the end.


    Several years ago, while scouring the business section of my local newspaper, I came [more...]

    The Importance of Sales Conversations

    This is the special post just for the B2B Sales Lounge, by the author of this blog.

    I was invited to read and review the book RainMaking Conversations by Mike Schultz and John Doerr. As a top expert in sales, the authors invited me to submit a review for the book release this April. We’re also [more...]

    The Transition to a Better Economy Has Some Potholes

    Guest post by Kevin Temple of Enterprise-Selling. A special post just for the B2B Sales Lounge. Thanks, Kevin.

    There are many signs that the economy is turning for the better; the Dow Jones index is at a three year high, consumer spending is also at a three year high and from my own perspective, my entire [more...]

    Our All-Star Team of Sales Experts

    Helping You by Bringing You the Best in Sales

    We’d like to take a moment and recognize the great sales talent who have contributed to the B2B Sales Lounge. It’s a Who’s Who of Sales.

    Miles Austin, Fill the Funnel
    Jill Konrath, Selling to Big Companies
    Kevin Temple, Enterprise Selling
    Kelley Robertson, Fearless Selling
    Ron Carr, Karr Associates
    Geoffrey James, Sales Machine, [more...]

    Don't Wait – Pull The Trigger!

    Guest post by Tibor Shanto. Bio at end.

    Sales like many things in life, is series of actions and reactions.  The job of a sales professional is to limit the variability of reactions by

    Tibor Shanto

    buyer to actions they set in motion; to initiate those actions that will facilitate the buyer’s buying process, and continually moving [more...]

    Voice Mail Messages That Generate Callbacks: Tips from Business Development Expert Ron Karr

    by Ron Karr (bio and contact info at end)

    When you call customers or prospects do you leave a rambling, boring or informal message? Or even worse, do you simply hang up if they do not answer?

    “Maybe that’s why these people (and maybe even some of your friends!) don’t call you back,” says Ron Karr, business [more...]