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  • The Importance of Being Accurate Part I

    Anyone involved in a sales/marketing organization will recognize a familiar story…It goes something like this:

    Pipelines start looking a little thin.  Executive Leadership applies pressure to Sales Management. Sales Management applies pressure to their teams. Sales Management applies pressure to Marketing.   Sales reps react.  Marketing reacts. Sometimes targets are reached,  sometimes they aren’t.

    And when they aren’t?

    Every [more...]

    Do You Know

    We had an opportunity to review an early release of this terrific book. And Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies recently had an opportunity to interview the author. If you enjoy this, we suggest you share it internally with your sales and marketing leadership team.


    Recently I had a chance to read The Truth About Leads, [more...]

    Performance Planning 2.0: 4 Steps to Turn Around Under-Performers

    The B2B Sales Lounge is a big fan of Anneke Seley of the Sales 2.0 Advocate. Contact info at end of post. The original post can be found here.

    Thanks to Brent Holloway for this guest post. Brent is a regional sales director for Verint Systems Inc. and coauthor of “Sales 2.0.”

    According to CSO Insights data, [more...]

    Every Presentation Should Tell a Story

    Having sat though many mind-numbing presentations, I found this post by Geoffrey James spot-on. If you want to see his original post, click here.

    Want to know how powerful story-telling really is. Check out the top-selling author and management guru, Tom Peters here.

    According to the latest neuroscience, the normal, non-autistic, human brain organizes EVERYTHING into stories, [more...]

    Leading and Managing Sales During a Recession

    Kevin Temple of Enterprise Selling is a good friend of the B2B Sales Lounge. With the recent difficulties in the selling environment, we thought this article would be timely and helpful. If your interest lies in improving the flow of quality sales leads, check out iSell and our other blog, Fearless Competitor.


    The Phoenix Effect

    Looking back [more...]

    Offers That Convert Website Visitors into Qualified Leads

    By Jon Baer (bio and contact info at end of post.)

    Getting qualified visitors to your website is only half the battle. The other half of the equation is converting those visitors into qualified leads. To earn a positive return on your website investment and to support your sales team, you [more...]

    One Totally Game-Changing (and Easy) Strategy to Beat Your Competitors

    By Jill Konrath (who gave us permission to use this article. thanks Jill!) See below for Jill’s contact info. Also, Jill’s a great speaker – for your next sales meeting. That link is below too.


    You know what your prospects are thinking — all the time? Every time you interact with them, they’re evaluating you [more...]

    The Art of the Follow-Up Call

    The follow up call is usually the most important, and the most difficult, call in the sales cycle.

    Without an organized plan of attack it is easy to lose the interest of the prospect even if they were very responsive during the initial cold call. In an article written by Jim Domanski, president of Teleconcepts Consulting, [more...]

    How to Get Prospects to Choose You - a Webinar by OneSource

    If you are a sales leader, you know that events beyond your control drive the buying decision. So OneSource is pleased to present this free webinar on January 26th at 9:00AM pt/12 noon ET.

    What’s your plan for using three powerful sales tools – trust, timing & [more...]

    Leading and Managing Sales During a Recession

    Kevin Temple is a top sales expert and a good friend of the blog author. You can visit Kevin at Since the economy has been poor, we thought this particularly apropos. We hope you enjoy it.

    Don’t forget – How to Get Prospects to Choose You: Using trust, triggers and technology to drive better meetings

    Wednesday, [more...]